Thursday, January 8, 2009

One of My Favorite Colors

So, I guess I really like the color yellow. But its one of those weird kind of favorites in that, I wasn't aware it was a favorite until recently. I know I like bright colors. I know I like sunshine and green grass. But if you were to ask me what my favorite color was, yellow would not have been my first answer. Until recently, when I put all my favorite things together on a list in my mind and realized that many of them (if not all) were yellow!

Here is my everyday bag. I knit and felted it myself years ago and love it!

This super awesome treasury is not only full of gorgeous yellows, it features one of my items!

These shoes are so cute that I couldn't resist but buy myself a pair, I will take pictures and post them here once I get them :)

My most favorite-est pencil case (which I made myself) is this one, and guess what color it is! That's right! Yellow!
What is your favorite color? How did you realize it was your favorite color?

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Lindsey said...

My favorite color is blue. I didn't really realize it at first either. Kids in school started calling me "Blue girl" because I wore a lot of blue clothing, I just thought it looked really good on me. And it does :) But since then I've looked around and realized I tend to favor blue...I still wear a lot of blue clothing, I painted my office/craft room blue, and my bedrooms growing up were usually blue too. Even my website and blog are blue!

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