Monday, January 26, 2009

Warm Ewe Up Winter Swap - Biweekly Blog Question #3

So the third biweekly blog question for my Ravelry Swap Group is this:

What is your favorite way to keep warm when it’s snowing outside? (And if you live in a warm weather climate, what would you do to stay warm and cozy while it’s snowing?)

I rather enjoy plopping myself on the couch with my beau and the dog on our feet (literally, he has to sit directly underneath us to be comfortable, what a weird-o) each of us with a warm beverage, tea, hot chocolate made healthfully from scratch, coffee, and putting in an entertaining movie. I should also like to have knitting on hand for when I finish said beverage and need to keep my hands busy.

Granted, I do enjoy the snow, and snowboarding all day in it and coming home to the above would be most ideal :)

1 comment:

Estela said...

awww, that picture is precious

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