Saturday, January 3, 2009

New Years, Adventures and Play Time!

So for the last few days I have been MIA, I know, I know. But here I am!

I had quite a busy time since I last posted what with my travels and the holidays. For New Year's Eve, my beau and I joined some of his friends at a cabin in the Jemez mountains and spent the holiday playing games, listening to terrible music (well, I thought it was terrible at least) and enjoying the snow (although I might've been the only one doing that too...).

*And yes, I did make that hat I am wearing hehe, I made Dom one too but since we've been in the process of moving it has been packed away so you can't see it yet*

Friday, Dominic and I headed up to Angel Fire to go snowboarding with different friends, that was a long, but fun day! We had to be up by 430 in the morning!
But we did get to see this beautiful sunrise:
New Mexico skies are absolutely beautiful even though the grounds may not be. For people like us, who, needless to say, aren't exactly "morning people" waking up so early was quite a stretch, but we did it and drove all the way up to the mountain and snowboarded down the slopes with beautiful views and perfect weather.

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