Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Crazy Purples, Helmets and Babies

So I finally have added a new item to my shop! It's been over a month since anything new has made its way to my shop, I've been super busy with custom orders, hats, knucks, scarves, slippers, etc. Its nice to finally have new things on Etsy too!

So here it is, the coolest, most neato torpedo purple scarf you've ever seen!

Also, coming soon to my shop (hopefully tomorrow or later this evening) I will be adding the finished set of these booties I talked about way back in this post and the matching beanie!

And here is one of the custom orders I recently finished, a helmet-style hat. The wearer is a bicyclist and wanted something that would keep his ears warm but not cover his eyes (he has a rather large dome-piece). So here is the finished creation, being modeled by my very super handsome boyfriend :)


Lindsey said...

That is the coolest, most neato torpedo purple scarf I've ever seen :D

I'm trying to catch up and get some items made for my shop, haven't added anything in a while either. The holidays are finally over so it's time to get back to creating things to sell!

kim* said...

cool hat my boyfriend needs a new beanie not hat lol

i voted sista!

Lenox Knits said...

Lovely scarf! The hat design is very creative too.

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