Friday, September 26, 2008

New Hat, Spinning Rovings and Finally a Weekend!

Ah, finally the weekend is coming. Took it long enough if you ask me.

I listed a beret in my shop today, I finished it earlier this week but with work and classes didn't get a chance to take pictures and what not till today. I think it turned out wonderfully and hope somebody else does too!
I also got some spinning done from that roving I was talking about last week, I am knitting a neck warmer out of the orange merino, and will add the blue wool to bits of a scarf I am knitting up. I think the yarns turned pretty good, thick and thin and the colors are gorgeous. The only problems I encountered was when the housemates' cat decided he wanted to assist me. I'm sure you can guess how that all turned out. We have to keep our room locked at all times when we are not around because the little bugger can open the doors. We also don't want him taking too much of an interest in our poor little Delilah.

Also, I will be raising my prices periodically today, this weekend, and next week. So if you want to get great deals on all my items please hurry! With the current economic situation, the prices of EVERYTHING have gone up and my supplies are no exception :( So, I just wanted to give a heads up to all of my readers.


Brandon said...

Great new Hat! love the colors

Fancy said...

beautiful beret!

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