Friday, September 19, 2008

Hats, Roving, Sorority Promos

Aside from classes, I have been keeping busy knitting, learning to spin, and keeping the house in order.

This hat was knit for my darling Dominic. The first edition was just a bit too small and can be found in my store. It would fit a child perfectly. Both hats were knit with the finest, warmest, softest yarns I could find and my beau, and a lucky child, will not get a chill and can ski and snowboard all day!

I also received some gorgeous, super soft roving from FiberMonster on Etsy. Both colors are Merino and I cannot WAIT to spin them this weekend :)

I finished some flower broaches for a promotional opportunity being organized by LaurieRyan, also on Etsy. She will assemble gift bags to be given to a Sorority and hopefully these girls will be drawn to Etsy and discover the magic within.

Please come back so you can see what I spin the roving into and all my other soon-to-be-completed projects :D

1 comment:

Brandon said...

What a busy lady! Your work is great. Just remember to take a deep breath once in awhile.


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