Sunday, September 28, 2008

Interview with javachip

I haven’t done an interview in while, so I decided to interview fellow EtsyU member javachip. Born in the Philippines and now attending UCI, javachip is a master of many different artistic mediums. Although she is a Biology major, javachip really just wants to start her career helping other people and making her art. I asked her a few questions so we could all get to know her a little better:

Where did all this artistic expression start?

I grew up loving art. I was the little kid with the crayons and the fingerpaints (both of which I still love!) and a humongous backpack full of crafts to do to and from school. I carpooled to school, and traffic in the Philippines is awful, so each trip took about an hour or two. I used the time to draw and "make stuff." I have never gotten carsick in my life, which definitely helped further my artistic career. :) I also adored my older brother, and copied everything he did, which included every drawing. So my stick figures had fingers when everyone else's didn't have hands. Not to say it looked good; my favorite old drawing is a picture of a stick figure whose legs came straight out of its circle head and whose arms came out of its legs. But he had hands attached to those arms. And fingers.
What medium is your favorite to work in/with?
My favorite medium is watercolor. I have been told that I use mediums in very strange ways. I like to lay on watercolors really thick so that the colors are very vibrant, which is something people usually do with opaque paints, not so much with watercolors. And when I use oils or acrylic I like to do lots of really thin layers, which is what watercolors are usually used for. Oh well.
What is your favorite beverage?
Oh dear, I love so many! I love tea. Major tea fan. I'd probably go with milk tea. Specifically from Taiwan; they have great milk tea with pearls (aka boba)! Ohhh, but the bottled jasmine green tea in China and Singapore is amazing as well. And cheap. In China at least, not so much Singapore.
If you could learn any new craft, what would it be?
I would learn pottery/ceramics. I took one pottery class in high school and it may have been my favorite class ever. I wish I had my own gigantic kiln. Some of my favorite memories from high school involved doing chores for my pottery class (we all had to do 30 minutes). We had two giant barrels of old clay that we soaked so it could be reused. Then we'd put it through the pug machine and it looked like it was pooping giant tubes of clay. Amazing! One time I got to get in one of the barrels and jump up and down to squish all the clay together. It was amazingly goopy. Needless to say, I was usually a tad bit dirty that semester.

Javachip’s shop can be found here:

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