Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Wise Wednesday - Writing an Online Bio - Part 1

Hello and welcome to the first installment of Wise Wednesday! This week (and next) we have a phenomenal guest poster, Kelly Stafford (shop here) who will teach us all how to write a great online biography. Kelly G. Stafford provides marketing and communication services for small businesses. From a long line of artisans, crafters, creators and entrepreneurs, Kelly appreciates all things unique and handmade and understands the challenges of promoting your work while trying to do what you love.

Tappity Tap Tap by MilkshakeStudio

When buying handmade, customers want to know the story of the artisan behind the product. A bio is the opportunity to introduce yourself and your work and first impressions truly do matter.

When writing an online bio for yourself as an artisan, start by answering the following questions:

  1. Who are you? Move beyond simply stating your name by detailing what inspires you and how you gained your expertise. Are you self-taught, did you apprentice with a local craftsperson or are you formally trained?
  2. What do you create? Do you have a signature item and typically stay within one genre. Do you only use certain materials or are you constantly experimenting with new mediums?
  3. How do you make it? Do you utilize a specific technique or certain materials?
  4. Why do you practice your craft? Have you always created beautiful things? Did you escape a cubicle to follow your dreams?
Now that you have a basic outline for your bio, start writing and next week I will cover how to put the finishing touches on your bio.


Fashionably Chic said...

Thanks for the post! I definitely need to update my bio and this will really help. Can't wait for part 2.

Kate and Oli said...

ooh, this is a great tutorial! i'm going to revise my etsy bio now!

I found your blog through etsy forums and just wanted to say hi and that your blog is lovely! have a beautiful wednesday!

xo, Katie

Gina said...

Great advice! I am going to answer all the questions and put together a new Etsy bio right now.


Jen said...

Writing a Bio is something I've been struggling to do without sounding stupid. Excellent post and I love that it was short and to the point. Thanks for putting it up.

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