Monday, January 4, 2010

The New Year!

Hello all and welcome to the 4th day of the year 2010 (twenty-ten, two-thousand and ten, just ... ten?) and I have some new things that I am very excited about telling you all about :)

First of all, there will be some new weekly features:

Tuesdays will be Learn to Knit Day! No alliteration and no rhyming, but a number of comments in a thread stated that they wanted to learn how to knit, so I'm going to teach you! Tomorrow will be the initial post telling you all what materials to buy then next week we will begin with the knitting lessons. I was thinking about ways for everyone who is learning to stay connected and so I am wondering if perhaps a link exchange sort of thing would work? I teach you a technique one week then the following week you can all link to a blog post or flickr stream or what-have-you showing off what you accomplished. What do you think? Yes? No? Too confusing?

Wednesdays will be Wise Wednesdays (yay for the alliteration!) where I will feature some guest posts written by others or some that I write that will teach you all something new. I have some posts lined up to teach about something business-y related (this week we will all learn how to write a good profile or bio for Etsy or a website, etc) or a new craft technique (I have some jewelry-related tutorials and other fun craftsy things).

I also have made some small changes to the layout of this blog. When I say small, I mean small. Specifically, I added Ravelry links to my available patterns over on the left sidebar. What do you think? All feedback is appreciated!

So I want to end this post by saying that if you have anything you'd like to learn this year on Wise Wednesday or if you'd like to write an article for this series, please let me know! And if you'd like to be featured on my blog or know a shop you think I would enjoy, again, bring it to my attention :D

Happy New Year Everyone!


Chloe' said...

Hello!! Thankyou so much for your sweet comment :o) I really like the sound of your new weekly features! (i've just posted my new ones too)

I'm looking forward to the knitting! (^_^) I was taught to knit when i was very young, but i've never 'done' anything with it, so i'd love to try now! :o)

Thankyou again.. back soon!

SillyLittleLady said...

Chloe, so glad to have you on board, I hope you enjoy the knitting lessons!

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