Tuesday, January 12, 2010


On the first day of the new year I traveled north to visit my momma. We were going to go have some girl time, talk and eat delicious food. Although the trip was....a trip, if you catch my meaning, the time we spent together was amazing, as always :)

We were just beginning our mother-daughter time and caught site of this fellow:

He was standing at a busy intersection waving his flag calmly and with purpose. This particular intersection is a favorite for protest or awareness groups and his absence of protest, his lack of aggression, was very refreshing.

I suggest we all just some time to ourselves occasionally to practice peace. Don't get mad at the car who just cut you off. Don't fume over your neighbor's loud music or guests. Take a breather before snapping at your SO. And don't get mad at the weather when it doesn't warm the house, but instead turns it into a giant ice box...ok, that last one was a personal reminder more than anything...

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