Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Tuesday Learn to Knit Day 1 - Materials

Welcome to the first installment of the knitting lessons on my blog!

This week I will tell you which materials to collect so that next week we can begin our first project: dishcloths! I decided to go with dishcloths because it is a nice short little project that will teach you the basics of knitting while still giving you a usable finished product.

Ok so the materials you will need:

Yarn: Sugar n' Cream Cotton (or some other 100% cotton) - any color you like, and you'll only need one skein for a washcloth or two, but these make great gifts and are wonderful ecofriendly additions to your kitchen so you may want to make more ;)
Needles: Size 8 - either straight or circular (for your first project, I recommend straight) and it doesn't matter whether they are metal, plastic, bamboo or some other material.

You can find both of these at JoAnn's, Hobby Lobby, Michaels, just about anywhere really, which is another reason why I picked them ;)

Now go and collect your materials and meet me back here next week to learn how to make an easy dishcloth or washcloth!


Crissy said...

great i have all of these!:D

SillyLittleLady said...

Wonderful Crissy! I tried to use materials that were easy to find :D

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