Monday, December 21, 2009

Temporary House

Right now, Matt and I are living in a temporary house. We have moved out of our apartment but haven't gotten the loan for the new house yet so....we're living in another place for the time being.

Its an old historical house, some politician lived there a while back or something, either way, its super old, super neat and super cold. The house came complete with all kinds of vintage and antique goodies and I know you will all love them so I took plenty of photos for you to drool over :)

This adorable little dish sits on top of a dresser with a bowl of mints that have been here for who knows how long and the following awesome lamp:

I love white and blue porcelain pieces and this house is full of them, the large bowl below would make a great planter for a window of foliage:

There is also a range of furniture in the house, the rocking chair below is so cute and simple and I love it :)

And in one of the rooms is this built in wall-shelf with all sorts of goodies and knicknacks!

Let's take a closer look,

We found similar items in the basement along with tons of other neato stuff, but photos of those will come when I get some decent lighting, in the meantime, lets take a closer look at this gorgeous plate:

And lets not forget the chandeliers! There are two of the one shown below, and two others in the house that are different. I guess if you have ceilings so dang high you need chandeliers right?

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Storypainter said...

Holly, I love the photos of your house. It looks like it's probably a hundred years old, at least. They didn't know that much about insulation back then, did they? But it's really cool that you've got all that original stuff in there, too, like living in a museum. Take more photos!

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