Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Recent Knitting

I know I have been so bad about posting lately, especially last week! The semester is winding up and with that a lot of time is sucked out my life into some academic-wall-papered black hole. I have had some time to knit (I have to keep whats left of my sanity somehow right?) and here is one of the projects I am working on:

Its a menswear-inspired scarf for my friend who's birthday is next week. Its her gift to herself, isn't that awesome? Do you get yourself stuff for your birthday? You should.

anyways, I've done a TON more since this picture was taken and I promise to show you pictures of the completed piece :D

Oh! And I got the final package for the Ravelry Swap I've been doing the other day, I PROMISE pictures will come tomorrow.

1 comment:

Brigid said...

Oh, I love that it's shaped like a tie. What a clever idea!

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