Friday, December 11, 2009

Good Gifts For Guys

If you haven't started your holiday shopping yet Shame On You! No no, I'm kidding, I actually just started mine the other day. Last year I did so much better, I started my holiday shopping in, like, June or something and I bought one present at a time so I had a wee bit more financial freedom when choosing gifts but this year I got a late start and now I have to buy all of them in a rather short period of time so...I don't have as much to spend. Also, I'm a broke college student.

But I digress, a lot of the people that I get to buy gifts for are of the male variety and, as we all know, as simple as these creatures seem, buying gifts for them is always a difficult task. I'm here to try to help make it easier on you all! Below are some my favorite items to get for guys, all found on Etsy of course ;)

T-shirts are a great, useful gift that won't get tossed in a box and forgotten about, this wind power themed one from happyfamily would be great for my eco-conscious boyfriend.
Has your guy seen the new terminator movie? Is he in love with the old one? does he like the original cartoons and such? Is he a geek? If you answered yes to any of the above, this awesome USB drive from jasonscreations would be a good small gift.

Can't forget the beer, beer soap is a quirky way to get your guy bath duds (hehe rhymes with suds) for Christmas without him giving you that "Did you just give me girly stuff for Christmas?" look and this soap from FloridaSoaps would be a viable option.
Is your guy a snow-sports type of person? Most of the guys in my life are and they are always in need of cool but warm snowboarding gear and this hat would be perfect for any of them ;)

What have you gotten for the guys on your list this year? Or last year? Leave suggestions in the comments so we can all find unique gifts for the guys!


Crysto said...

Some really great picks there, I really love the tee. There are some awesome shops on etsy doing wonderful things with usb drives.

Nen said...

I want one of those glass heads!

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