Thursday, December 3, 2009

Final Package!

So, I got this on...Monday? Or Tuesday? I can't remember, but I really was super stoked about it!

Its the final package from my Ravelry Swap! My Spoiler, who I found out was Rows Red (go read her blog!) really knows how to make a girl feel special :) She themed this package after my favorite color, yellow :)

I got 3 super sweet hand knit wash cloths that are already being put to good use, yarn and the pattern to make more (!) which came in a super awesome knitting bag that definitely ensures that nothing will slip out along with some wonderful smelling candles and great star shaped sticky notes which are also being put to good use already.

She informed me that she had the bag specially made for me by Etsy Seller Babylove Designs so if you are a knitter or know a knitter its a wonderful gift idea! *hint hint*

Thank you so so much miss RowsRed, you did a phenomenal job and its spoilers like you that make me want to keep doing this (not to mention all the great spoilees!) .

So stay tuned for the next swap I join to see all the other cool stuff I get hehe.

Oh, and as a side note: Its snowing in Socorro. And its sticking. :)


Rows Red said...

YAAAAY! I can finally comment without having to remember to be anonymous!

I'm so glad you like your package, it was by far the most fun to put together. I hope you get many years of use and enjoyment out of the durable goods, and make sure to stink up your house ASAP. :)

You were a pleasure to spoil.

Heather said...

Its so not fair !
Everyone in the south US is getting snow, when its just COLD here in the more northern states.
It should be the other way around !
Enjoy it none the less !

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