Tuesday, May 12, 2009

War Zones and Knitting Projects

As I walking around campus this morning the ground looked like a cockroach battle field. Seriously. They must have used some kind of insane pesticide because the sidewalks looked like there was some type of epic battle between the roaches.

In other news, I finally received the yarn in the mail yesterday that I am using to make my friend Heather a slouchy beanie out of. She is leaving for Washington on Saturday and I want to have the beanie done by Friday so she can take it with her. I am using Olympic by NY Yarns, it is 70% acrylic and 30% wool so it should keep her nice a warm all year long. It has a very nice single ply texture and looks more "rustic" than most commercial yarns. As it is my first time using this yarn I'm trying to be very conscientious about what I like and dislike about it.

Also, I recently changed the profile picture over thereish ---> down a ways probably...but what do you think? Or do you like the eyes better?

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