Friday, May 22, 2009

Pouch Review

Remember that giveaway I did? Yea, the one that sort of...well...failed? Only two responses. As there were only two responses, I decided that instead of picking a winner, that both advice givers could choose their perfect pouch.

One of the winners, Carapace, received her pouch just the other day and wrote me to give me her review of it, here is what she had to say:
"It's so pretty and cozy,and I blew like
five minutes putting things in and taking them out and giggling. I
still haven't quite decided on its final destination; I'm too tickled
yet! Thank you!"

So I think thats a pretty good review don't you? :)

1 comment:

Carapace said...

Haha, I'm famous! Thank you again! All those fools who didn't post are--well, fools! I love my wee pouchlet!

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