Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Mother's Day

So I couldn't post before about what I got my momma for Momma's Day, but I can post it now! She reads my blog *hi mom!* so I couldn't spoil her surprise. After my recent trip back home for the art show, I was wearing my favorite necklace which I got from MiaBeads on Etsy and she commented on it, so I knew that a necklace from the same shop would be perfect!

I decided to get her this locket:

I almost didn't get her the necklace because I didn't want to get her something cliche, but I just knew she would love it (and she does I think) so I went ahead and had it shipped to her with a little note from me :)

MiaBeads is a wonderful shop, run by a wonderful person, very conscientious of her customers, personable and is always very prompt with her communications, I recommend her!

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