Monday, May 4, 2009

Loa Alamos Arts Show

Well, I did my very first art show this weekend. I picked a show that I had attended before as a buyer numerous times, I knew the market, I knew what other types of vendors normally sold there, I knew the little tiny town that the show was in. Every year that I had gone to the show before (about the last 5 or 6 years) the weather was always perfect, sun-shiny, clear, blue skies, warm, just wonderful. Guess what it did Saturday. Yea. It rained. And was freezing. And was cloudy. And of course, windy. So....the show wasn't the best that it could have been. However, I still broke even with the amount I spent on the booth and on gas and various supplies, plus made a very small amount of profit after that which I used to buy my honey some super crazy delicious organic goat cheese...which we have almost entirely annihilated already.

So here is a picture of my booth, I had planned on putting some boxes underneath the blankets and putting the baskets on the boxes to provide various levels of visual stimulation, but the sheets I had were all only fitted, I expected at least one flat sheet, but of course that didn't happen. I know a lot of different set ups that I will use for my next show, and I know I need a lot more merchandise, but with school getting so crazy with finals and the end of the semester approaching, it took precedence over preparing for the show this time.

*sigh* I can't wait till I don't have to worry about school and I can just focus on life and knitting and spinning and dyeing and promoting my shops.

I am not too bummed about the turn out for the show, I'm sure there were some sellers there who didn't even cover the booth fee, but I just had a sort of rough weekend and it just seemed like the entire world was against happens right?

You see that earband I'm wearing? Yea, made that at the show hehe. I crocheted a flower to attach to it and it will be available in my shop hopefully soonish, whenever I have time to photograph it and list it.


Storypainter said...

Hey, you did well to break even. I did too many art festivals where I didn't sell a single thing. So you made a (tiny) bit of money, you got the experience of doing a show, you've had your first of many "ooops" experiences (like the sheets), and you'll know how to set your booth up better next time. Sounds like a winner of a weekend to me! Way to go, Holly, I'm proud of you!

Jennifer Lommers said...

What a bummer! Shows can be like that. Unfortunately, sometimes you just have to be happy to break even. Especially in the beginning. It gets better though! Keep up your great work!

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