Monday, April 6, 2009

Spring Fling

This weekend was New Mexico Tech's Spring Fling weekend. Basically its a weekend where various organizations associated with the school (academic clubs, the frat they are trying to start, random departments, etc) host family friendly activities mostly for the students to partake in. The event that most people go to, even people of the town, not just Techies, is the MudBog.

Think large pit of mud, lots of mud, and massive trucks that try to drive through it. Emphasis on the word try. The show really is more entertaining when the trucks don't make it through because then some poor student who volunteered for this position not know exactly what he got himself into has to drag a very very large hook attached to a very very large chain attached to a very very large tractor to the unfortunate vehicle and trudge through the pit of muddy death to hook the truck to the tractor so it could be pulled out.

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