Saturday, April 4, 2009

3rd Ravelry Swap Package!

So I got my 3rd Ravelry Swap Package yesterday and I can't even express exactly how excited I was! Everything in it was totally and completely awesome, very well though out, it certainly shows the care my spoiler, EllaLuna, went to in picking out the exact right stuff to include.

Along with gobs and gobs of Easter candy, she sent me a dyeing package! I received 6 different Jacquard dyes along with Knit Picks Bare wool, a skein of 100% alpaca, a skein of a cotton/bamboo blend, and a large amount of Tussah Silk Roving! She clearly took the time to check my Etsy Favorites and found stickchick there where she got the above skeins :) I also opened one of the Easter eggs to find reflective stickers to put on my bike which she read about here, in my blog, how cool is that?

As everything was festively wrapped in Easter colors and paraphanalia, my spoiler even put in some Easter Egg dyes! My friends Zita and Matt and I are definitely going to enjoy playing with those and the dozen eggs I just picked up at the store ;)

EllaLuna totally went above and beyond my wildest expectations for this swap. I will definitely be doing another swap just as soon as I can!

1 comment:

Baroness Bijoutery said...

What great treasures...the swap sounds like it was really fun.

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