Thursday, April 2, 2009

4 Weeks!

Ok, ok, so most of you would say that 4 weeks is a long time, but trust me, when you're as busy as I am with classes, work, Etsy, and preparing for your very first craft show, 4 weeks is nothing!

I've still got so much stuff to do to prepare for it, I still have to sew labels into all my new creations (I've made about 8 - 10 pouches in the past week, a few beanies, scarves, etc), the pouches need buttons, all of my items need hanging paper tags stating the price and care instructions, I need to acquire some paper bags (perhaps some 2" stickers to go on the bags promoting my shop?), I need to pester more Etsy sellers into giving me some promotional materials to hand out with my purchasers that day (you interested or know anyone who is?), I still need to get my hands on a tent and some tables, I need to work on displays, I really want to find a super cool coat or hat rack to display my beanies much to do so little time!

1 comment:

kim* said...

es 4 weeks is seriously nothing

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