Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Just Don't Know What To Do!

Oy. So summer is coming up soon (Yay!) and I still don't know what I'm doing for it. I could potentially stay here in this little, rinky dink, dusty, hot college town or I could go up to Denver. Either way, I will be taking classes, the classes I will take varies depending on which school I attend, but there will be more credits on my transcript by the end.

Both would be beneficial for me. With option A I would get to retake a few classes that I did poorly in last year, this time with some friends and motivation. I would keep the job I have now and keep the apartment I have now. I would get to help out a lot more with starting up the Chi Omega chapter we are trying to get going and get to hang out with some females for once.

With option B I would get to take classes up there that would transfer down here and that I absolutely need to get my degree and only the credits would transfer so I wouldn't have to worry so much about the overall grade received. I would get to live in Denver again for the summer (like I did last summer). It would be refreshing and always fun. I called their admissions office today to see if I got accepted as I haven't recieved any mail about it and they said that I had but they hadn't gotten my NMT transcript yet, whattheheck. I sent it in a few weeks ago, or, rather, I had the office here send it in weeks ago. I'm gonna have to see what's going on with that. Also, if I go to Denver I would HAVE TO be eligible for the WUE program otherwise I just simply can't afford to go. heading up there is contingent on those two things, evidently.


All this worry on top of all my worry about finals and finishing up the semester with all passing grades has got me all overwhelmed and stressed out. To offset this stress, here's a pretty picture:

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Parallax said...

That's a strategy I can get into - pretty pictures. I have finals to finish and summer plans to figure out too -- good luck with yours!

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