Thursday, December 18, 2008

Truffles, Mice and Cookies

So last night, in lieu of studying for my last final which I took this morning, I made some truffles, chocolate mice and chocolate chip cookies. And right now I am preparing to make some chocolate marshmallow bark.

The process took longer than it would have had I owned an egg beater, but I made due and given the circumstances, it was probably better for me to just take my time and get my mind off of my rough day. I mixed up some cream cheese, powdered sugar, melted chocolate and vanilla to make the truffles then after they sat in the fridge for a while I rolled them into balls and rolled half the balls in powdered sugar and have in cocoa powder.

The mice were made from a simple mixture of chocolate, sour cream and cookie crumbs (which were actually chocolate graham cracker crumbs). After being rolled in cocoa powder and more crumbs the ears were put in place. I kinda feel like these look more like little turds with ears than actual mice, but perhaps if they had tails and faces I would feel differently?

The cookie dough was delicious and after stuffing my face with the raw stuff I put the cookies in the oven only to have them all melt into each other. Oh well, this way they make cooler shapes and they are still soft and gooey. Next time I'll use a bit more flower.

This weekend its off to Taos to go snowboarding and spend some time with my family in Los Alamos, then who knows, work, Christmas, knitting.

1 comment:

kim* said...

i had a jelly rat a gummy one. i was grossed out lol i have picks of it too hanging out of my mouth

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