Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Small Ways You Can Save a Little Green

Don't we all need just a little extra cash these days? I know I do, college sure is the money-suck. Here are super cool, easy, sneaky ways you can save a little dough here and there, and hey, even if its just a few cents, every little bit counts, it all adds up. Some of these were found in the Etsy Forums, and some are just little ways I, and my peers, save some every day.

  • Wash clothes in cold water, not only does it help them retain their color, size and shape, it lowers the cost of gas
  • Wear jeans twice before washing them (unless you go out skipping in the mud and make a slip n' slide out of banana peels)
  • Make slightly bigger dinners so that you have leftovers, leftovers for lunch will prevent the allure of fast food which isn't actually cheaper than bringing your own lunch
  • Set the thermostat a degree lower every day, you won't realize that its colder, and if you do feel chilly, layer up with sweaters and blankets (besides, a cold room is a great excuse for snuggling)
  • Save all your change, even the pennies, and put in your savings account when the jar is full or too heavy to carry
  • NEVER go to the grocery store hungry, this is probably the number 1 way to come home with more than you expected
  • If possible, shop at a Trader Joe's, or local farmers' market - considerably healthier food for half the price, supports local economy
  • Who really needs the name brand cereal? The store brand tastes the same, costs a fraction of the price.
  • Use household items for cleaners instead of the toxic and expensive ones you can find at the store
    • Lemons, vinegar, water and maybe some alcohol is all you really need to clean anything in your home
  • Walk or ride your bike wherever possible, gas is still expensive and most cars are still bad for the environment
  • When you do have to drive, avoid using the heater or air conditioner, these use up your gas more quickly. Just bring in extra sweater if its cold, or roll down the window if its hot
If you have anymore ideas, please leave them in a comment to this post!


StudioCherie said...

Save paper and money by making your own note pads out of the blank side of junk mail, bulletins, envelopes, and the like. All it really takes is a couple of staples at the top.

Lindsey said...

I do many of these already, and it helps out a lot! I love to brag about how low my electric bill is :P

Kala Pohl Studio said...

Great ideas and I am glad to see that I am following most of them already:):)

Michelle said...

great ones!

We save all our change and singles. We don't use credit or debit cards only cash and put the change and singles in the jar every night :)

Brook said...

great suggestions!

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