Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The Rasta Beret Pattern

So my friend Miriam pretty much brings out some of my best hats. She tells me what she wants, or at least an idea of it, and lets me be creative with the rest.

Our latest brain child was this totally awesome, super soft, very warm slouchy-rasta-beanie-beret. It is knit with two strands, one merino and one soft fuzzy acrylic held together throughout in 3 different colors of each. It is loose and warm and a relatively easy project.

Those beginning knitters out there who have mastered scarves and basic beanies would enjoy this pattern because it is still easy with minimal shaping, but is beyond the basics. Advanced knitters would also enjoy this project because it is not complicated and would provide a needed break from the more time-intensive pieces they have done.

The pattern can be found here. Once purchased I will send it as an attachment to your desired email address.

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