Thursday, September 30, 2010

Finally Introducing The Pagosa Mitts!

The hat pattern came out ages ago, and now the matching mitts are here too!
 customizable length, one size fits most :D

I love this set, each piece is so versatile but they also go well together.
 The subtle spiral, the simple shape 

Not to mention the yarn used! The lovely LylianMae spun up some gorgeous gorgeous yarn specifically for this project and she'll have kits available for purchase that will include one or both patterns and the required amounts of yarn, how cool is that? She is definitely one of the nicest ladies to work with and I sincerely appreciate all of her help!
 the accompanying hat 

Interested in making your own Pagosa Set? You can purchase patterns for the hat and mitts separately on Etsy or on Ravelry or you can purchase them as a set for discounted price :)

1 comment:

ana said...

came out wonderful! i love the hat too. that yarn looks so yummy.

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