Thursday, September 23, 2010


I have a few piercings in my ears (8 to be exact) and I wear earrings all the time but would you believe I don't actually own any studs?  Really really.  I was wanting to wear some the other day, but not having any provides a problem for that.  So what did I do? Went searching on Etsy, naturally.

1) Rojo Button Earrings by babblingbrookes
2) Twisted Circle Earrings by Lana0Crystal
3) Tangerine Turquoise Speckled Stud Earrings by NaturalAmber
4) Yellow Rosebud Earrings by Nomsa
5) Button Earrings by amberike
6) Middle Eastern Muse Earrings by veryvintage
7) Light Blue Mushroom Earrings by Bijunea
8) Ship Wheel Earrings by CsCharms
9) Bullet Earrings by eazymode


Mortira said...

Cute picks! I love being able to find exactly what I want on Etsy. It beats hunting through the mall and you're likely to find something totally unique!

ana said...

these are so cute! :D i pretty much only wear studs, something about dangley earring i can only take for a few hours at a time.

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