Friday, February 19, 2010

Flashback Friday - Pets

This week's theme for Flashback Friday is old pets. The cute pup below is known as Charlie, Charles, Chuckles, Chuckie, Chucks, and many other variations. He was brought home after I spent a morning volunteering with a local shelter at a mobile adoption at our grocery store.

He's been a huge part of my family ever since. Needless to say, my Dad wasn't too pleased when he came home and saw that my mom and I had brought home another dog...while he wasn't home...BUT. In our defense, he and my older brother had been on a ski trip and pretended that brother had broken his leg to make my mom worry. So, its not exactly an even trade, I think we got the better end of that deal :)

Anyways, this cute little terrier-ist has such a personality I can't even begin to describe all of his quirks and characteristics. Primarily I suppose, he is fairly aloof. He doesn't need anyone. He will come to you if he wants attention (which isn't often) and he is stubborn as a mule. (My mom says he gets this from me, I have no clue what she's talking about ;)). He is also supremely afraid of loud noises like thunder, bombs or gun shots.

In this picture (above) we were on a camping trip when a thunder storm showed up. We have to give him little downer pills so that he'll calm down and won't try to hide underneath the carpet (which isn't entirely possible). He's a little neurotic.

And I love him :D

He lives with my parents now, and their dogs, I wanted to bring him down to college with me as soon as I found a place that allowed pets but when the time came I just couldn't take him away from the only home he's ever known. I couldn't separate him from his best friend and brother (who I'm sure I'll talk about in the future) and now his new sister (who will also get her own post I'm sure).


Christopher And Tia said...

Awwww, puppy has to take chill pills during thunder storms?? I know its not cute, but... its so cute!

Karol :) said...

Beautiful a lot. . I have 5 cats and one dog :) *.* follow me? :)

Giftbearer said...

How cute! Come read about my dog, Carmella on my blog! It's her birthday today;

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