Monday, February 1, 2010

Organic Love

With the coming commercial holiday all kinds of mushy stuff is in the air and the shops. If you are considering something simple but sweet for your honey (or yourself ;)), one of these organic cotton tees from neenacreates would be a great idea:

Organic cotton is MUCH better for you and your planet than typical cotton. Most cotton is produced with the use of many very strong pesticides that not only kill the insects that harm cotton but also the good, useful insects like spiders and bees and ladybugs. These pesticides get into our water when it rains or the fields get watered and also when the cotton is washed prior to use. Some of those chemicals are bound to stay on the cotton so that tshirt you're wearing could be seeping icky chemicals into your body.

So, organic cotton = better cotton. Its soft, it breathes, its good for you and the environment :D

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