Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Ravelry Swap Package #2!!

So, evidently, my package arrived at my box on Friday but I wasn’t able to pick it up till today on my way to work so it sat there, on my desk, taunting me for my entire shift. The moment I got home I tore into it (gently, of course) and couldn’t keep the smile from my face! Absolutely every little (and big!) thing in the box was so amazing J

My spoiler is so generous and thoughtful and absolutely remarkable. She even sent treats for Delilah!

I received incense (burning right now, so utterly wonderful) in a scent that I did not have that was wrapped in this really pretty yellow runner with white and black designs on it (which will most likely become my table runner for my trunk which is masquerading as a coffee table. I received 4 different types of tea which all look so divine, a tea infuser (which I didn’t have), the coolest, most awesome, marvelous white elephant tea pot (I don’t even know if I want to use it or just stare at it!) in which was hidden a pack of chocolate and a super adorable llama keychain (which I think I will hang from my rearview mirror), some really delicious looking raspberry jam, ginger jam and clotted cream (will definitely be trying on toast tomorrow morning), a packet of Stride gum, and four (repeat: 4) skeins of Berroco Pure Prima cotton that she sent so I could start working on the Lelah top for myself (a project for me? That I will get to keep? Wow!) and don’t forget the breakup CD she sent when she heard of my recent breakup (I am recovering just fine, by the way).

To my Spoiler: Thank you so much, if you were here now (or anytime in the future) I would most definitely give you a very big hug and smooch for your generosity and thoughtfulness.


elsiee said...

where does one sign up to get a "spoiler" like yours, hmmmmm?

just discovered your awesome blog on the etsy forum thread - I'd love it if you come over and visit me sometime:


Tamsie said...

Is that a baby bunny in your hand? A long-haired gerbil? Whatever she is, she's cute!
Oh, and great package from your spoiler too!

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