Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Do you like puzzles? I like puzzles. I like knowing that even if I only put one piece together, its still a contribution to the whole. If one little piece is missing the picture is incomplete. I don't have to finish the thing in a day to feel like I accomplished something, a little bit here a little there, it all adds up and then the puzzle is finished.

Here is a recently finished puzzle put together by me and whoever was at my house for the week it took to put together in between cooking, classes, work and homework. I apologize for the glare but you'd be surprised at how shiny puzzle pieces can actually be.

1 comment:

miettelove said...

OOO I love puzzles. My grandfather gave me a bunch of old ones that he had already done. I just found a giant pirate floor puzzle for my son, who has a thing for pirates.

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