Friday, July 23, 2010

With Our Powers Combined We Are...!

Part duck, part beaver, part snake, part alligator, the Platypus is kind of an odd creature.  After posting a necklace featuring a platypus the other day, I was curious as to what other kinds of platy-wear I could find.  And of course, Etsy did not disappoint:

1) Platypus Flash Drive by hemingwayfun
2) Cute Little Platypus Needle Felted Figure by LittleElfsToyshop
3) Platypus Dictionary Pendant by TripleNerdScore
4) Platypus Stuffed Toy Pattern by FunkyFriendsFactory
5) The Platypus - Nature's Non Sequitur Pin by beanforest
6) ACEO Signed Print - Platypus with Hat by poordogfarm
7) Platypus Print by berkleyillustration

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