Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Soda Pop Stop

After watching the video Cat posted over on her blog about the Soda Pop Stop, we decided we just had to try a few new sodas.  Now, normally, Matt and I aren't soda drinkers, neither of us really likes all the carbonation and HFCS companies put in them, but we do like supporting small businesses and trying new things.  So when our box arrived the other day we were so excited to try all the new sodas!

We got 8 sodas altogether, 2 rose sodas, 2 cherry, 2 mint julep, a vanilla cream and a cucumber.

First, Matt tried the Cherry.

It was so good, so cherry-y, and very sweet.  It had a bit too much carbonation (probably from being jostled around a mail truck for a day or two) and may have exploded a small bit when we opened it.  But it was gooood.

I tried the Rose first.

What does a rose soda taste like?  I would have to say, like how roses smell.  Its hard to put into descriptive words because it really does just taste like rose!  I highly recommend it and will definitely be ordering more ;)

Next, we tried the Vanilla Cream.

Matt is a fan of cream sodas, I am not, but this one was good, it kind of tasted like homemade, carbonated, vanilla ice cream. 

We tried the Cucumber Soda when we were enjoying our 4th of July fireworks and we both really enjoyed it, we should've ordered two of them instead of just one because we fought over it a little haha.  I know cucumber soda probably doesn't sound good, but give it a try and then try and tell me you didn't like it, you won't be able to!

The mint soda we tried yesterday.

I don't really like super minty things (peppermint, spearmint gum, toothpaste, etc) because they make me feel nauseous, but this soda was sweet and just under too-minty status.  It tasted like how I believe all mint chocolate chip ice creams should taste (they seem to be turning into mostly vanilla with green coloring - there is no mint flavor!). 

So, if you haven't tried the Soda Pop Stop yet, I highly recommend it.  And even if you have! Go back and try something new!


ana said...

ooo. the cucumber sounds great. :) i love the color of the soda too! hah. hm, i might have to try some myself.

joven said...

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