Friday, November 7, 2008


So, a while back I made some slippers for a friend’s mum who had been sick for over a year with various illnesses. I wasn’t charging either of them, I just want the mum to get well and figured a pair of slippers would do the trick. When I sent them to her, she loved them so much she ordered 5 pairs for Christmas presents for her family! I was stunned, needless to say.

So I got all the information on sizes and colors and set to work making the slippers. After all the pairs had been knit up, I felted them to shrink them down to size and keep them warmer and sturdier. Also, to keep the wearer from falling on her face, I applied “sticky stuff” to the bottom of each slipper.

Here is what all the slippers looked like when complete!

*this is also the reason there hasn’t been too much new stuff in my shop lately*

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