Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween and such!

Oh my poor blog, I have been neglecting it! But alas! I am back! And with pictures and stories of the time I have spent away!

Well, obviously, this weekend was Halloween. So, in keeping with tradition, I dressed up. Granted, I had no idea what I wanted to dress up as, and unlike my brother I had not been planning my outfit for the past three months (he was a hobbit by the way). But, I did come up with a very convincing, authentic character in about an hour's time. My beau was a cowboy. And he didn't even need to buy anything special, which surprised me beyond all reason. I had no idea he had acquired Ostrich Skin Cockroach Stompers (aka cowboy boots of one of the most expensive varieties), or the super tight, ass-flattening cowboy Wranglers, or even the very authentic western pearl snap shirt complete with mustangs embroidered in complimenting colors. And of course, the hat.

He did not want to be the only one of us going to my brother's party dressed up so shooed his mother and I away to search through her closet for acceptable costume materials. We found an old old OLD shirt that had been made in Mexico 50 or 60 years ago that had been her mother's, and turquoise necklace and a plethora of other necklaces in varying materials and lengths to layer. Also, a scarf in colors complimenting the blouse to wear on my head and my boyfriend had the perfect "I Am The Walrus" glasses to top off the outfit! I must say, I wish I could dress like that every day. But, sadly, I can't, and I will still try to get away with what I can, it helps that his very wonderful mom said that I could keep the blouse :) She really is a wonderful lady!

So I suppose this is a lot to read through, and I will keep the excitement of the ski swap for another post, hopefully tomorrows......

I hope you all had a wonderful Halloween!

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