Thursday, December 2, 2010

Coming Soon

I knit a very similar scarf recently and couldn't bring myself to part with it, and I knew that since I loved it so much, perhaps my wonderful customers would love it too so I made another!

Isn't it perfect?  The colors go perfectly together, and the yarns are all so soft!

I used a few different fibers, wools, merinos, *cashmeres*, all very soft, all very luxurious and all very warm.

What's not to love?  This scarf will be in my shop just as soon as I get model shots with it, which will hopefully happen keep your eyes peeled!

**And to the individual who left a comment on my Happy Thanksgiving post asking about the Mohawk Beanie I made last year, if you could email me, that'd be great! :D **

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Christopher And Tia said...


How much is it? Email me when its posted??

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