Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Paper Goods

I recently stumbled upon the fantastic little shop of redstarINK, have you heard of it?  Its full of simple and bold paper goods, yes, simple. and. bold.  You can be both, and this shop does it wonderfully.  Check out some of my faves:

The Brainstorm Notebook is perfect!  You can write down all of your ideas as they flow and then whenever you need a jolt of inspiration, just look back through for some forgotten ideas :)

I'm also a big BIG fan of lists, I'll most assuredly forget all kinds of important things if I don't write them down as soon possible, and I really do love crossing them off when I finish a task, it helps me to know that I'm making progress.

As a student, day planners definitely help me get through all of my classes and work schedules, redstarINK has us covered with these academic year planners :)

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