Monday, October 6, 2008

New Items For My Shop, a Busy Weekend

This weekend was productive, I did some spinning, some knitting, some chilling with my momma, and I got a much Much MUCH needed haircut. I didn't get a chance to blog this weekend because I didn't have the cord to download my pictures, so I am going to do a weekend's worth of blogging now, hold on tight!

I had received about 8oz of navy wool roving sometime last week and put off spinning it until I go visit my momma and show her how to spin. Needless to say, 8oz of roving definitely takes some time to spin and appears to be a small explosion of fluff when left unspun on the couch for a few moments. The spinning was fun and most of said spinning took place while watching Bucket List and 21 with my mom on the couch, while she was knitting her scarves and I was lost under a storm of roving. It yielded about 110 yards of worsted or heavy worsted yarn and will be listed my Etsy shop soon. As with all handspun yarns, there are slight variations throughout the skein, some thicker parts, some thinner parts, but these, to me, add character to the color, texture and general feel of the completed garment.

I also finished some small ornament hats during my visit. I had already completed a Santa hat, and during the trip I made two beanies of the same size, one red and white striped and one mostly white with some red stripes. I think I will list these in my shop as well, as a set. And if it seems to get good reviews I will make some more in varying colors and sizes and patterns. Perhaps some small mittens, stockings, candy canes, etc. If you have any ideas or requests for ornaments for the coming holiday season please let me know! I need all the ideas I can get :)

My mom taught me to knit way back in the day and she still does some knitting (mostly when her baby girl is home to accompany her though hehe). She found a pattern for a mohair cardigan that she really loved and bought the yarn to make it. After all the pieces had been knit and sewn up, she found out that it didn't fit her quite right. I tried it on when I got there and it fit me just fine :) And its soft, and orange, and beautiful and I love it! I mean, I ant my mom to finish and love her own projects, but I don't mind taking them off her hands if needed. So these pictures are trying to depict the gorgeous sweater and my new super cool hair cut. It actually doesn't look all that different from my old one, its just more cleaned up. It had been over a year and half since I had a real haircut and it showed. So, these pictures aren't great, but I'm sure you all know the difficulties of trying to photograph yourself by yourself.

And, as classes have started back up, I find my bag unorganized and difficult to sift through, so I made myself this yellow pouch. I especially love the red buttons and red bamboo that hold the piece together, literally!

And here are some cute photos of my pup Panda. He always sleeps like this, crotch up, passed out. I figured you all would get a laugh out of it :)


LittlePeanutShop said...

What a pretty sweater... I love the color! :)

Sticks and Stones Hemp said...

I love the color of that cardigan! I'm not usually big on orange but I'm loving that! I think it goes great with your skintone!

Jen said...

Panda is adorable! You are one busy lady!!!
-10oneworld on etsy

Bethany said...

Those ornament hats are awesome. You could also put them on dolls. That was my daughter suggestion.

Jennifer Rose said...

that wool is a gorgeous colour. I just learned to knit but would like to try to spin one day. Silly dog :p Ours would sleep like that when he was a puppy but grew out of it as he got bigger.

Cherrybombe said...

LOL, I love that your dog sleeps 'crotch up.' One of my cats does this, and it cracks me up. She's also the weird cat who kind of barks... maybe she is really a dog, mmmm?

Thanks for your comment, too!! I do love that sweet little elephant! Love your knits, too.


Anniki :) said...

Is it a new haircut on the photo! If so, then it's cute :)

Crickets Creations Handknit Scarves said...

Okay, I know the post isn't supposed to be about the sweater...but I love it!! I have a vintage orange sweater in that exact color from the 60' is my fave color so I wear it all the time. ;)

S T E P P I E said...

Aw cute dog!

aksarbenlove said...

Your dog is freaking adorable. I love when puppies are sleeping.

Also, your etsy is great!


kristal @

Lunaverse said...

your ornaments are really sweet! What about a blue cirlce ornament (like a face scrubbie?) then stitch in a snowflake pattern on top? You could back track your snowflake stitches so that the ornament is two sided! What do you think?

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