Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Another season of changes. The leaves are changing, the weather is cooling, I recently moved into a new apartment with a new roommate, got a new job (in addition to rather than instead of).

Change can cause a lot of stress, but it can also be a great way to keep things fresh. Right now, these changes are not the latter. I'm going to try to change that, ironic no?

In order to make these stressful changes into refreshing changes I will:
  • unpack at least 1 hour everyday - I can't function properly in a disorganized environment
  • have more tea - the warmth will help me brave the cold weather and get off my butt and into gear
  • take more pictures - I do love my camera, Mr. Cliq (pronounced "click"), but we haven't been going on regular dates lately and I know I feel better when we date
  • knit more - this is the biggest thing, I haven't been knitting near as much as I should be, it really does help keep me sane and I need my sanity to deal with the additional job, classwork and life changes
  • eat healthier - we all know that stress causes us to crave junk food right? no? just me then? ok, personal goal
  • blog more - because I like it, and I should do things I like

What changes are happening in your life right now?

Oh, and all of these leaves were found on the same tree!  So many stages of coloring :)

1 comment:

ana said...

such lovely colors. wow.
wow, you've had many changes recently. i love your ideas of making change less stressful. :) knitting helps me relax too - and remembering that in hindsight, moments like that really aren't that stressful at all. good luck & hope you are able to take more photos!

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